Simple APIs

Ancileo APIs are the most flexible solution for B2B2C digital insurance distribution at scale.

We provide plug and play, secured and customizable APIs that enable insurance distribution as an add-on through digital partnerships.

Insurance API

Tailor-Made White Label

Ancileo's White Label engine is a fully customizable solution for B2C insurance distribution.

Our white label insurance websites are hosted on secure, scalable infrastructure, and built for speed and flexibility.

Digital Insurance Distribution


Streamlined policy issuance process with real-time quoting engine and extended features to maximize your agents and call centre productivity.

Face to face and call enquiries are easily managed and monitored on one simple interface.

Insurance Digital Partnerhsip

Personalization Engine

Create specific types of audiences and personalize your product benefits, pricing and marketing messages for each audience.

Your digital partners are obsessed with customer experience! Ancileo's personalisation engine will allow you to understand how to best fulfill customer needs. Run up to 1,000 campaigns simultaneously based on 60 different criteria and get results in real time.

Digital Insurance Distribution