More ways to collect insurance premiums

Boost your conversion in all countries by localizing your payment solutions


International cards and currencies

Ancileo platform is integrated with 25 payment service providers and can accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country in more than 100 currencie


Local payment methods

Go beyond credit cards and support local payment methods

  • Sepa
  • Alipay
  • WeChat Pay

25 Payment Partners

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  • payment-partners-logo
  • payment-partners-logo
  • payment-partners-logo
  • payment-partners-logo

Settlement currencies

  • eur
  • gbr
  • cad
  • usd
  • dkk
  • jpy
  • nok
  • sek
  • gd
  • hkd
  • nzd
  • chf
  • brl
  • mxn
  • aud

Smart Features

ancileo-icon Split billing
ancileo-icon Recurring
ancileo-icon Retry

Smart recurring billing

Ancileo payment platform features an innovative rules-based engine which can be configured to your unique policies and rules.


Recurring billing run right

Just attach customers to plans, and Ancileo takes care of billing them every month (day, week, or year).


Smart retry logic

Ancileo uses machine learning algorithms that train on data from across the Ancileo network to optimize retry logic and minimize failed payments.


Long term tokenisation

Your stored cards will continue to work even if the card number or expiry date changes.


Split payment

Ancileo's platform simplifies this process by channeling premium collection directly to the insurer's bank account.

A flexible payment routing engine that makes it easy to comply with local regulation on premium collection