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Accelerate Your Insurance Claims Processing

Discover Lea, your digital solution for efficient insurance claims management. Powered by AI technology and seamlessly integrated with your existing systems, Lea improves the speed and reliability of your claims processing from submission to resolution.

Achieve Unmatched Efficiency
and Accuracy with Lea

Only 8.2% of Claims Require Human Review

Claim Processing Times


  • 24 Hours: 80% of claims assessed within 24 hours
  • Quick Assessments: 4-12 minutes assessment time per claim
  • 24/7 Parallel Processing: Unlimited number of claims assessed simultaneously

Customer Support Automation


  • 75% Automated Responses: 75% of communications automated and responded within 15 minutes
  • 85% Email Automation: Streamlined email communication with customers

Claim Accuracy Rate


  • 95% Accuracy Rate: At least 50% of claims fully automated with 40% efficiency gains
  • Micro Checks: 50-100 fully automated micro checks on every claim

Effortless Travel Insurance Claims Management

Optimize Efficiency, Reduce Workload, and Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Minimize Manual Efforts

  • Automated Document Requests
  • Real-Time Updates

Reduce Call Center Volumes

  • Comprehensive FAQs and Chatbots
  • Self-Service Portal

Manage Claimant Expectations

  • Clear Eligibility Criteria and Instant Verification
  • Guided Submission Process

Centralized Workspace for Claims Handling

  • All-In-One Interface
  • System Integration

Enhanced Customer Support

  • Proactive Status Updates
  • Instant AI Responses

Flexible Cost Structure and Consistent SLAs

  • Adjustable Fees
  • Reliable Performance

Modular End-To-End Platform For Maximum Flexibility

Streamline Your Travel Insurance Claims Workflow

Simplify and accelerate claim submissions with a hyper-customized portal. Lea’s Online Claim Submission Portal ensures complete and accurate information collection, reducing the need for back-and-forth communication.

Comprehensive white-label solution
Custom submission flows
Real time status updates
Simplify Your Claims Management Process

Efficiently Manage All Travel Insurance Claims in One Place

Lea’s Centralized Claims Collaboration Hub brings all claim activities together in a single, streamlined platform. With seamless integration into your insurer’s core systems, this hub automates policy validation and simplifies the claims process.

Seamless tracking and updates
Automated assessments and real-time responses
Full integration with insurer systems
Maximize Efficiency in Your Claims Handling Process

Accelerate Your Travel Insurance Claims Eligibility Checks with AI Precision

Optimise your claims processing with Lea’s AI-driven eligibility assessment. Lea’s system automates eligibility checks, fraud detection, and real-time decision-making, significantly cutting down assessment times and enhancing accuracy.

Seamless tracking and updates
Automated assessments and real-time responses
Full integration with insurer systems
Experience AI Efficiency In Claims Processing

Simplify Travel Insurance Policy Management

Enable customers to independently manage their policies, update details, and check claim statuses through an intuitive interface.

Comprehensive white-label solution
Efficient and accurate policy management
User-centric design for ease of use
Manage Policies Easily And Efficiently

24/7 Multilingual Support Across All Platforms

Deliver unparalleled customer service with 24/7 support in multiple languages across various communication channels.

Real-Time Assistance Lea’s AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants offer real-time support in multiple languages, ensuring immediate response and assistance around the clock.

Multi-Platform Integration Engage with customers across their preferred platforms through Lea, including chat, email, social media, and phone, ensuring consistent and efficient support.

Localized Service Tailor your customer service with Lea to different regions with localized language support, making sure your customers feel understood and valued.

Deliver Unmatched Customer Service

Engage Globally with Hyperpersonalised Multilingual Support

Enhance customer interactions with personalized communications, improving engagement and satisfaction.

Virtual AI avatar

Customize your AI avatar for a brand-aligned, personalized support experience that resonates with a global customer base.

Real-Time Transalation

Seamless real-time translation into any languages for clear, concise multilingual customer engagement.

Data Driven Personalised Communications

Automated, personalized messaging powered by Lea Hub’s data analytics for impactful customer relations.

Elevate Your Customer Engagement

Improve Decisions with Real-Time Advanced Analytics

Gain real-time insights and performance monitoring to enhance your claims management and make informed decisions.

In-depth performance analysis
Detailed customer behavior insights
Data-driven decision-making
Get Real Time Claim Insights

Lea can also work with your existing systems

Modular Approach

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