2022 airlines travel insurance benchmark - Ancileo

Key data and insights you’ll get from this free Ancileo report include:

  • 156 airlines benchmarked
  • Insurers’ travel insurance program curated and analysed
  • 160+ slides, including 80+ in-path travel insurance screenshots of airlines’ booking paths (a substantial upgrade from our 2021 version!)


In the post-pandemic surge of global travel, this study offers a comprehensive look at which insurers gained or lost market share in 2022, which airlines have changed their travel insurance merchandising and the web traffic share of each airline bench marked. It also presents the best practices and revenue growth drivers in airline travel insurance, along with key touch points of travel insurance integration that drives the highest conversion. (Tip: Don’t forget to optimise your Payments page!)

Growth Data and Numbers: 2021 vs 2022

Comparing the growth in airline-insurer partnerships over the past year

UI/UX Optimisation Tips

Highlight of good designs from airlines with mobile optimisation tips

Interesting Innovations from Travel Insurers and Airlines

Keep up to date with what insurers and airlines are doing to achieve a competitive edge

In-path Travel Insurance Screenshots

Access clear screenshots of the in-path insurance integration from 150+ airlines


Intermediaries represent 50% of travel insurance distribution globally. Airlines have been a key distributor even before the rise of embedded insurance to fame; yet there’s still plenty of untapped potential in personalisation, product innovation and insurance ecosystem building in this space.

Ancileo first released the benchmark in 2021 to help inform insurers and travel players of trends and best practices that will enable them to better reach and convert travellers. We received positive responses and as such refreshed the benchmark in 2022, with improved and refined data

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    The end goal: help grow our partners’ portfolio through customized digital solutions that complement existing insurer legacy systems, empowering them to partner with any distribution ecosystem and tap into entirely new growth opportunities.