Ancileo facilitates ancillary revenue generation by connecting online retailer in real time to top tier Insurance companies.


Regardless of your size or industry, We have a solution for you.

At no cost, Ancileo enables online retailers to add insurance to their portfolio of products and services creating an additional revenue stream that requires no new investment on your part. Ancileo supports more than 30 languages and currencies making it a global solution for a global industry.

More than an incremental revenue stream. A lot more.

Flexible Solution

Our platform lets you implement a huge variety of models to find the best approach for your audience and your business.

Seamless Customer Experience

Your customers experience is never disrupted, Ancileo UI seamlessly integrates with any site or platform.

Easy Integration

Don’t worry about architecture, Ancileo sits right alongside your infrastructure. Set up is free and only takes minutes. Start monetizing right away.

Real Time Analytics

Right out of the gate, you'll get data on your revenue and conversion rates, reporting on who is buying, and analytics on your most purchased content and popular price points.

Powerful Solution In A Simple Package

There is no set-up, software or licensing fee required. We invest our technology and expertise in your business so that we can build value together and share the rewards. Our revenue share business model eliminates the need for capital investment on your part making Ancileo a high margin, risk free partnership opportunity for your business.

Top Insurance Brands

Ancileo enables direct connection to global industry leading insurer brands and key local insurer including Allianz, Axa, AIG, ACE. We have a brand and a product to suit every customer.

Global capability

Our Global Network Of Insurer is supported Ancileo insurance engine is fully translated into 40 languages and quotes in multiple currencies.

One Single Point Of Contact

Insurance is not your primary business, our expertise gives you the confidence to stay focused on your core product while we look after your insurance sales.

Revenue Management

Along with state of the art optimization engine which maximize insurance sales, Ancileo provides turn key legal framework which enables our partners to generate increasing commission from insurance sales.

Industry Leading Technology

Ancileo technology is engineered in house, specifically tailored to meet the needs of commercially and geographically diverse markets and partners. We provide an AJAX white Label booking engine which is simple to integrate and 100% configurable to your brand. XML connection also available on request.

5 Stars Customer Support

Our multi-lingual team of customer care agents are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist your customer should they require assistance.

Ancileo provide insurance companies with a highly efficient route to market. The scale of our marketplace provides access to a global customer base that opens a gateway to all segments of the retail industry.


  • Broaden your sales reach
  • Instant access to a wide range of sales channels
  • Comprehensive, easy to use reporting
  • Mutually beneficial revenue share model
  • A dedicated Account Manager, ready to help you whenever you need it
  • 5 stars customer support team  

Ancileo's multi-lingual and multi-currency approach, coupled with an extensive marketing program allows insurance companies to access a broad customer base across the world through one single relationship. Ancileo can display both branded and opaque content on our marketplace. With the 'opaque' model, we offer our supplier partners a profitable source of business without impacting on their own pricing in the market or brand values.