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Singaporean Travelers’ Sentiments Towards Travel Insurance Claims & Assistance In 2023


In continuation of our previous study on 2022 Travel Insurance Outlook, we conducted a survey to understand the sentiments of travelers in the Singapore market towards travel insurance claims and assistance. With the increasing number of travel-related uncertainties, it is essential to explore the expectations and feedback of travelers to improve the overall travel insurance experience.

In this article, we’ll discuss the key findings of our latest survey and highlight the factors that make a positive travel insurance claim and assistance experience.

Travelers’ Attitudes towards Resolving Claims and Receiving Payments

Our survey revealed that travelers have different expectations for resolving trip insurance claims and receiving payments. The majority of travelers (34%) expect their claims to be fully resolved within two weeks, but some respondents anticipate the resolution and payment issuance to be completed within a week.

Here are some key insights that we found:

Different Generations Have Varying Expectations For Claims Resolution Time

Generation X (ages 42-56) anticipates their travel insurance claims to be addressed within two weeks, while a sizable number of Generation Y (ages 26-41) or Millennials, anticipate resolution in 2-4 weeks. On the other hand, family travelers have high expectations for swift claims resolution and expect it resolved in less than a week.

Travelers Expect Payment Issuance Within Two Weeks

Generation X travelers expect prompt payment issuance, with an expectation of receiving payments in less than a week. On the other hand, Millennials have the highest expectation of receiving payments within 1-2 weeks for their travel insurance claims.

These insights demonstrate the importance of understanding the expectations of different traveler segments and catering to their needs for efficient claims resolution and payment processes. By meeting these expectations, travel insurers can ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Travelers’ Satisfaction With Claims Experience

The satisfaction of travelers with their travel insurance claims experience is a key factor that impacts their decision to purchase travel insurance in the future. According to our survey, the majority of the respondents are satisfied with their claims experience. In fact, 22% of them reported being very satisfied with the process. However, it’s worth noting that a significant percentage of travelers, around 33%, have not made any travel insurance claim before.

The satisfaction level with claims experience is closely linked to the type of travel disruptions encountered. Majority of travelers who are unsatisfied with their travel insurance claims experience have faced travel delays and cancellations during their travels and expect a quick and efficient claim process. On the other hand, travelers who are satisfied with their travel insurance claims typically expect to have their claims resolved within 1-2 weeks and to receive their payments within 2-4 weeks.

These insights highlight the importance of providing efficient and timely resolution of claims, particularly for those who have experienced travel disruptions. Moreover, insurers need to ensure that they provide clear and transparent information about their claims process to improve customer satisfaction and trust in their products.

Key Factors Of A Positive Claims Experience

When it comes to a positive claims experience, there are a few key factors that are most important to travelers. Based on our survey, the top three factors are a quick and efficient claim process, a clear and easy-to-understand claim process, and timely payment of the claim.

There are also some generational differences in what travelers value most in a positive claims experience. Generation X travelers rank a quick and efficient claim process as the most important factor, while Generation Y travelers rank a clear and easy-to-understand claim process as the top factor. Baby Boomers (57+ y/o) prioritize adequate coverage for expenses incurred as the most important factor.

What Makes A Good Assistance Experience?

In terms of a good assistance experience, travelers are looking for several key factors. According to our survey, the top three factors are the availability of a 24/7 support line, quick response time to the assistance request, and cost-free assistance services.

Availability of 24/7 support line

It is important for travelers to have access to a 24/7 support line when they are traveling, especially when they are in a different time zone or in an emergency situation. Knowing that they can reach someone at any time for assistance provides travelers with peace of mind and a sense of security.

Quick response time to the assistance request

Travelers value quick response times to their assistance requests, as it shows that their needs are being addressed promptly. Delays in response times can lead to frustration and anxiety, especially in emergency situations.

Cost-free assistance services

Travelers appreciate assistance services that do not come with additional costs, as it can be a financial burden to pay for additional services during a trip. Cost-free assistance services also give travelers the assurance that they can seek help without having to worry about additional expenses.

It’s worth noting that while these are the top three factors overall, different generations prioritize them differently. For example, the availability of a 24/7 support line is a top priority for Generation Z (19-25 y/o), while Baby Boomers prioritize quick response times to assistance requests.

Travelers’ Feedback On Improving Travel Insurance Claims

Travel insurance claims can be a complex and time-consuming process, which is why it’s important for insurance providers to understand their customers’ feedback on how to improve the claims experience.

In our survey, travelers provided valuable insights on how the travel insurance claims process can be improved to meet their needs. From faster processing and timely payouts to more efficient claim management system and customer service, here are some of the key factors that travelers suggested can improve their travel insurance claims experience.

Feedback #1: Faster Speed Of Processing And Timely Payout

One of the most common feedback from travelers is the need for faster processing and timely payout of claims. Travelers who suggested faster processing speed and timely payout expect their claims to be resolved within two weeks and payments for approved claims to be received within two weeks.

Feedback #2: Simplification In Claims Application To Reduce Time And Effort

Most travelers who face challenges in filing online claims suggested simplifying the claims application process to reduce the time and effort required. The claims application process needs to be more straightforward and user-friendly, enabling travelers to submit claims quickly and with ease.

Feedback #3: Higher Transparency In Claims Requirements

Travelers are looking for higher transparency in claims requirements. Many travelers find it challenging to understand the complex terms and conditions of their travel insurance policy. Therefore, insurance companies need to provide clear and concise information about the claims requirements to avoid confusion and frustration among travelers.

Feedback #4: Better Online/Automated Claims Processing

With the growing use of technology, travelers are increasingly expecting better online/automated claims processing systems. Insurance companies should invest in modernizing their claims processing systems, enabling travelers to submit claims online and receive timely updates on the status of their claims.

Feedback #5: Better Customer Service (24/7 Access, International Support Number)

Better customer service is another critical factor that travelers suggest can improve their travel insurance claims experience. Travelers expect 24/7 access to customer service and an international support number to receive immediate assistance, regardless of their location.

By addressing these areas of improvement, travel insurance companies can enhance their claims experience and meet the evolving needs of travelers.


Our study on travelers’ sentiments towards travel insurance claims and assistance provides valuable insights for the travel insurance industry. It highlights the importance of providing quick and efficient claims processes, clear and easy-to-understand claim processes, and timely payments of claims.

Moreover, the study reveals the varying expectations of different traveler segments, emphasizing the need for tailored services and support. As travel restrictions ease and more people start traveling again, it is crucial for travel insurance companies to understand and address the needs and expectations of their customers to provide a positive travel experience. By doing so, they can build trust and loyalty with their customers and enhance the overall reputation of the travel insurance industry.

To gain access to our full report, download the complete report on “Understand Consumers’ Travel Insurance Needs”.


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